Skelair Launches Updated Obermann Range for 2015

Skelair International, a leading supplier of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, has announced a range of updates to its portfolio of Obermann grouting units, available for purchase in 2015.

Reliability has been the focal point of improvement with grouting unit VS 63-20-D, following some small updates which include changing some wear parts to increase reliability and therefore save spare parts costs during the lifetime of the machine.

With a similar design as the VS 109-D and VS 110-D models, the VS 111-D is new to market and has a bigger flow rate for bigger sized anchors. Using the same design as the other units in its class means that there are less spare parts needing to be stocked. In fact, 95 per cent of the parts are usable in all three machines.

For a fully automatic grouting unit there is the AVS 550-51-D/W-FS, with data registration for mix and pump datas it’s suitable for bigger sized volumes using silo cement. The 54kW diesel-hydraulical motor means it’s right for the grouting of anchors and piles, as well as soil mixing and vibration grouting work.

With smaller budgets in mind Obermann has developed the VS S 29-E and VS S 41-E electrical grouting units, both suitable for geothermal usage or small anchors. More compact than other models, the VS S 41-E weighs approximately 550kg while the VS S 29-E is the lighter option weighing around 320kg.

Also available from 2015, Obermann is introducing 20” container solutions. Suitable for chemical injections, big bag discharging units, mixing containers with a huge volume for feeding the TBM’s in tunnel projects with bentonite/cement, anchor containers with different amounts of pumps and operator room and more.

John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair, said: “Our customers are always keen to see product updates or new products from the brands that they trust and Obermann is no exception. The changes we’re seeing to the 2015 range clearly have the customers’ needs at heart and we’re pleased to once again be Obermann’s UK exclusive partner.”

Michael Szymassek, Obermann, concludes: “As one of the leading suppliers in the sector we’re always keen to work with Skelair on our latest product range. Skelair’s worldwide distribution and brand recognition fits perfectly with our customer base. It’s important that the Obermann products are distributed in safe hands and we know we can rely on Skelair to manage the Obermann brand with the high standards we expect. It was a clear choice to continue working with Skelair on our 2015 range.”