Skelair Launches New Limited Access Drill

Ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International, in conjunction with TEI Rock Drills, has announced the launch of the TD100 Electric/Hydraulic Limited Access Drill. The new drill is ideal for ground engineering and foundation repair in confined spaces.

The TD100 has been designed specifically as an electric/hydraulic drill for the safe install of micropiles and large hollow bar micropiles. The drill is powered by a 75kW electric motor, offering 15,000 lbf-ft torque. Any drifter or rotary head manufactured by TEI Rock Drills can be operated by the new TD100 drill.

Managing Director of Skelair, John Mayo, says: “It’s fantastic to see continued innovation with machine development by TEI to help drive down carbon emissions in an effort to meet ever stringent targets in the UK market.”

The new TD100 Electric/Hydraulic Limited Access Drill has rubber tracks which can contract to 48-Inches to tram into difficult drilling positions and facilitates 120 degrees side to side mast rotation. Four stabiliser jacks are also a standard part of the new drill.

“In densely populated areas such as London it’s convenient to be able to use a smaller drill on projects where there is restricted space or tight access. The TD100 offers a solution to this challenge without compromising on power,” added John.

Standard features for the TD100 include radio remote controls, optional TE1000 Hydraulic Drifter and hydraulic foam/water pump.

Glenn Patterson, from TEI said: “There is a growing need for a diversification of drills across markets and TEI has recognised this in the development of our range. The TD100 offers a robust lower emissions solution for drilling which we expect to be popular in the UK.”