Skelair Launches New Casing Handler

Skelair adds new TEI Rock Drill Product to its Portfolio


Leading supplier of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, Skelair International, has expanded its TEI product range with the launch of the TEI HCC20X Casing and Tooling Handler – a lightweight excavation attachment that has the capability to lift a tonne.


The TEI HCC20X casing handler is designed to help contractors work quickly, safely, and efficiently on site. Specifically designed to reduce health and safety hazards, the HCC20X has unique claws that help the operator clamp onto a variety of pipe sizes without requiring the help of another worker. The operator is also able to work in both horizontal or vertical planes, with the use of two 360° positioners.


Steph Keane, Sales Director at Skelair, said: “The HCC20X is a fantastic addition to our TEI Rock Drills portfolio. The ability of the handler to clamp onto different size pipes without requiring racks is extremely beneficial to onsite efficiency and removes the safety hazard of having another worker in the zone. This will help improve the efficiency of the team on location, whilst also providing a smooth operation system.”


Glenn Patterson, from TEI, commented: “There is need for innovation on site and we have developed this handler to ensure that workers have the best products available to them to make the job as safe and effective as possible. The HCC20X does not modify the excavator in anyway and uses auxiliary hydraulics, this with the single joystick controller increases versatility and allows it to perform efficiently in different scenarios.”