Skelair International Adds KR709-3G 2019 version to Hire Fleet

Skelair Enhances Klemm Rental Range with Latest Model

Leading ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International has further enhanced its extensive range of rental rigs to now include the 2019 version of the Klemm KR 709-3G.

The Klemm KR709-3G is a valuable addition to the rental fleet for Skelair International due to its adherence to exhaust and noise legislations worldwide as well as complying to the European drilling safety standard EN 16228.

The Klemm KR709-3G’s diesel Volvo engine meets the emission values for US Tier 4f (EU Stage 4), ensuring it complies to the relevant requirements for usage, allowing for peace of mind and flexibility for rental clients. The highly dynamic engine speed can be adjusted to increase efficiency. Together with the power-sharing technology for pump-control, the EEP (energy efficient power) is preselected and can be deactivated as required by the operator.

The 2019 version of the KR 709-3G is available for hire from Skelair International, supplied with a new Klemm KH62 rotary head for a robust and powerful performance, a drill mast with 130kN of pull and an additional 30 kN of boost. The motor-driven drill mast has increased resistance moments, to ensure higher torques can be transferred.

Steph Keane, Sales Director at Skelair International, commented: “We are always keen to enhance our rental fleet to ensure the UK market has the opportunity to access an expansive range of rigs to suit all requirements. We have recently added the Klemm 709-3G 2019 version as part of our strategy to provide our customers with the most advanced and efficient rigs.”

The fully radio remote controlled KR 709-3G has an electric inclinometer showing mast angles on the remote control screen which encourages increased flexibility of the rig from the perspective of the operator. Health and safety is a major factor when considering rental rigs, and the Klemm KR709-3G comes as standard with safety guard and electric magnetism lock to ensure the safety of the on-site team when the rig is in operation.