Skelair Extends Rental Fleet with Klemm

Skelair, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, has extended its existing rental fleet with the addition of three new Klemm rigs. Available for hire with immediate effect, investment in the new rigs will bolster the company’s already impressive fleet profile, enabling Skelair to offer increased flexibility and choice across all tracked drilling and excavator mounted drill mast applications.

The three new Klemm rigs – two KR702-2 and a KR709-2 – have been added to the rental portfolio to meet the needs of piling contractors and more specifically, mini piling contractors. Weighing 4.5 tonne, the Klemm KR702-2 is a small drill rig with telescopic mast and is capable of drilling with 450mm augers. The enhanced hydraulic KR702-2 boasts all the benefits of the KR702-1 but brings with it increased engine power and carrying capacity.

Addressing medium weight drilling requirements, the 13 tonne Klemm KR709-2 is the second of its type to be added to the fleet, with the current KR709-2 already in active demand. This drill rig is capable of 450mm – 600mm holes and has an extendible mast section.

John Mayo, Operations Director, Skelair, comments: “There’s been a distinct shift in the market towards rentals over purchase of equipment, which has undoubtedly been driven by economic conditions. Responding to this change in need, we’re committed to investing in our hire equipment with the objective being to create and maintain the UK’s most versatile and flexible drill rig fleet.”

Skelair has an established rental programme which already provides access to market leading tracked drilling rigs and excavator mounted drill masts from Klemm, McDrill, Marini and T.E.I – all supplied with UK specification drill guards. Underpinning access to this range of equipment is a well-developed service solution, which includes a comprehensive pre and post hire inspection as well as delivery to site should it be required.

In addition to the flagship Klemm rigs, Skelair has also invested in a new Marini CID80 drill mast attachment and hydraulic power pack, both of which are available for immediate hire.