Skelair Expands Marini Accessories Range

New Dust Collection Options Enhance Product Offering

Leading ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International, has launched a series of dust collection accessories to the UK market, adding to its Marini Quarries Group product range. Marini Quarries Group is a worldwide leader in the production of machinery and equipment for drilling and has launched three systems to the UK, Hydro Jet DTH, Tornado DTH and Hydraulic Dust Collector Muffler, all of which have the same ambition of improving safety and efficiency onsite.
The Hydro Jet DTH, is a dust eliminator for DTH hammer 3”, which collects the dust naturally created onsite, mixes it with water and expels the mud obtained through a rubber hose – far away from the drilling point. Constructed of an aluminium truncated cone muffle, a pneumatic ejector and an exhaust pipe of 0.5 metres long and a diameter of 45mm, it is powered by compressed air and water at low pressure.
The Hydro Jet DTH is extremely useful onsite as it helps working conditions and safety in the quarry environment. It also protects the health of the workers by discarding the dust in a safe way, away from any workers at the drilling point.
Another pneumatic dust collection solution that has been introduced to Skelair’s Marini Accessories range, is the Tornado DTH. Acting as a dust abatement system, which is complete with an abrasion resistant hose with a diameter of 50mm, the Tornado DTH collects the dust and transfers it into a bag underneath the machine.
The pleated filtering device is a micro cellulose filter, impregnated with phenolic resin which adds to the cartridge’s robustness. The high permeability degree ensures superior filtering efficiency and easy cleaning through compressed air backwashing. The collection bag for the dust and the easy cleaning solution benefits the site by creating the availability of easy removal of the dust and also an efficient cleaning method of the filter.
Speaking on behalf of Skelair, Steph Keane, Sales Director, commented: “These accessories will be a great benefit to the UK teams onsite. Not only do they provide innovative and effective solutions to the difficulties of removing the dust but will also greatly improve the health of the workers.”
The final accessory to be launched to the UK market by Skelair and Marini Quarries Group is the Hydraulic Dust Collector. The Hydraulic Dust Collector requires an oil flow of 25/30lpm at 100 bar and has an automatic filter cleaning and suction capacity of 8m3 /min. The same system was installed on the Marini BABY GIRAFFA P, which was renowned for its high levels of productivity but low energy use.

Mario Bozzola, Marini Sales Area Manager, at Marini Quarries Group, said: “Understanding that the health and safety of workers is of paramount importance onsite, we developed accessories that not only help the workers, but also protect them. The dust collection systems can be used on all machines, provided the necessary customisations are made, and all have the ambition of improving productivity but also comply with the local health and safety regulations that are in place.”

To find out more about the Marini range of dust collection accessories, or the full Skelair rig portfolio, please visit the website