Skelair expands Klemm’s range by adding new Multiuse Rig

Skelair International, leading ground engineering and rock drilling specialists, has launched Klemm’s new KR 909-3G drilling rig, designed to deliver the highest degree of performance drilling in the civil engineering and geo-construction fields.

Developed with load-sensing technology, the patented power sharing system is paired with the new Energy Efficiency Program, an automatic power and energy management tool. This efficiency is achieved by the rig’s 129kW diesel engine, which corresponds to the latest emission legislations: EU Stage 4, and USA Tier 4f, respectively. To demonstrate the KR 909-3G’s adaptability, the new rig is compatible with a variety of machinery; this includes the hydraulic drifter, rotary head or double head drilling unit, as well as being suitable for cranes, winches and flushing pumps.

John Mayo, Managing Director of Skelair, comments: “We are excited to be expanding Klemm’s range with its most heavy-weight versatile machine yet. The KR 909-3G has been manufactured using tried and tested Klemm components, performing varied tasks with power and accuracy.”

Furthermore, the new rig is best showcased through its ability to carry out new drilling method configurations, such as rotary, rotary-percussive, auger or overburden drilling. It also makes further use of the hydraulic drifter and dual string double head drilling systems, as well as independent rotary heads. The drilling mast possesses improved cross-sectional characteristics and a cylinder feed that results in a tractive force of 97kN, a basis for all equipment configurations.

“With a myriad of possible configurations and options, the KR 909-3G is cutting-edge for the civil engineering and geo-construction sector. Along with its versatility, we pride ourselves on the new rig’s efficiency, as it is important to have low maintenance costs for our customers, but also to protect the environment as much as possible,” John concludes.

The new KR 909-3G drilling rig is now available. For any enquiries, please email or visit