Skelair Rental Fleet

Our customers span the full breadth of the civil engineering and geotechnical sectors. From foundations, pilling and ground stabilisation through to rock drilling and site investigation, our varied product portfolio means there are few projects for which we cannot provide either a rental or purchase solution.

The length of a rental contract is determined by the estimation of time required on-site to complete the works, which could be as short as a couple of weeks or in other cases as long as six months.

Once the hired rig is on-site, the contractor is responsible for maintaining and operating it in working order. In the event of any issues or the machine failing, we will deploy a service engineer on the same day to minimise any downtime. As we hold machine parts in stock and have our own in-house team of service engineers, we can always ensure a swift response.

As members of the CPA (Construction Plant Association) we operate according to the association’s guidelines, which include the provision of CPA documentation with the hire of each rig. In addition, Skelair has FORS (Freight Operator Recognition Scheme) bronze registration, TFL (Transport for London).

Skelair is also certified to ISO 9001 which should offer peace of mind that the correct quality control processes are in place.

Quick Guide to Rental Rigs

The following on Rig Rental Uses is provided as an illustrative guide only and cannot be guaranteed.

Klemm KR702-2R

  • Seperate 115kW power pack, Tier 4i
  • Restricted access use with KH22 head
  • 450mm augers down to approx 20 metre max. depth
  • Clamp size 419 – 508mm
  • Telescopic mast
  • Radio remote control

Klemm KR709-3G 

  • Tier 4 final Volvo engine 160 kW
  • KH48 / KH53 rotary heads
  • 450mm augers down to +30m depth
  • Max. auger dia. 600mm
  • Clamp size 298 – 660mm dia
  • 4.5 metre stroke on short mast / 7 metre stroke with long mast

Klemm KR708-3F

  • Tier 4i engine 115kW engine
  • Total mast length 6455 mm (3.9m + 2m)
  • KH22 rotary head
  • 10 tonne hoist pull
  • Slide with hydr. side shift function
  • Clamp Ø508 mm dia.

EMCI Silea 4.50

  • Stroke is 2200mm
  • 2”3/8 IF male thread x R32 box
  • High speed rotary with Percussion
  • 170mm dia clamp & breaker
  • Automatic SPT hammer fitted
  • Casing extractor on mast foot

TEI HEM560 Mast

  • Rotary-percussive drilling with T38/T45
  • Soil-nailing with Dywidag or Ischebeck 30/40 /52
  • 3 metre stroke.
  • Pressure 172 bar
  • Flow 170-190 LPM, 24v, 20 ton excavator required
  • Double rotator

Marini CID80/MA100 semi hyd

  • Ischebeck 40 to 10 metres
  • Hydraulic vice clamps 30-85mm
  • MA100 S ID rock drill
  • Requires a 2 x tool compressor 140 bar
  • Excavator with 40lt per min @ 150 bar
  • Power pack & Dachs frame available

Marini Baby Giraffa

  • Can be fitted with ID300 Rotary head or MA200 rotary percussive head
  • 3 metre stroke
  • Double 360 rotator for extremely good mobility
  • On-board compressor for flushing percussive rods
  • Dust collector
  • Expandable tracks

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