Geomarine, the Channel Island’s Civil Engineering Contractor, has taken delivery of a new Marini Mast package. The package, which comprises of an MCDP rock drill with the EP95 and MA100 head, is to be used as part of a major project for the contractor to repair the boat landing to Les Hanois Lighthouse for Trinity House in South West Guernsey.  

Purchased from Skelair International, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, the masts will be involved in some of the lighthouse’s concrete repair and replacement work. The project has involved drilling 30 horizontal and 16 vertical rock bolts alongside 27 intermediate dowels pinned from the outer masonry wall of the landing to the rock beneath, to increase the integrity. The rock bolts were drilled to a depth of up to 6.5 metres, depending on the rock location. In some locations the mast was mounted on a scaffold frame however, as the access became more difficult in the lower tidal zones the mast was mounted on a temporary works frame bolted to the wall with cable stabilisation. 

The location meant that the project wasn’t as straightforward as others, Jenny Giles, Senior Civil Engineer, Geomarine, explains: “The project was particularly challenging due to access arrangements, the site was only accessible at certain states of tide, so all equipment had to be de-rigged and safely stowed inside the lighthouse every day. Furthermore, the site is so restricted in size and tidal movements that everything has to be moved around by hand.”  

The Marini MA100 Rock Drill has separate hydraulic or pneumatic rotation including left and right and pneumatic percussion. The rock drill MA100 is mainly used in the execution of self-drilling anchors.  It can work with either air or water flushing with standard threaded rods or with self-anchoring rods with the simultaneous mortar injection (grout). The MCDP drilling slides are extremely light and easy manoeuvrable drilling units and special ball joint struts allow their anchorage onto rock. The EP95 rotary head is the ideal rotation head for drilling with DTH hammers up to three inches and for drilling holes from 70 up to 105 mm in diameter, it can also develop a torque of 80 kgm. 

Chris Neighbour, Sales Director, Skelair, concluded: “The Marini mast package which Geomarine purchased has really proven how fit-for-purpose it is. It was important that given the location and conditions Geomarine faced with the Les Hanois Lighthouse project, that they were working with equipment where versatility was of the upmost importance, which is precisely what they got.

“The Marini range offers a flexible choice to accommodate the full range of drilling requirements and access restrictions, meaning that contractors aren’t overly limited when working in challenging locations.”