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Atlas Shank Rods

Shank Rods

Atlas Copco Secoroc offers a comprehensive range of Tophammer drilling equipment.

Features & benefits

> High quality steel grades
> Extensive selection of extension-, drifter- and shank rods
> Lowest cost per meter drilled

Shank Adapter

Features & benefits

  • World’s widest selection of adapters to meet your needs
  • Endurance and reliabiltity
  • Superior productivity
Halco Drill bits

Halco Drill Bits

Halco’s carburised drill bits are among the best in the world providing outstanding performance and durability. Halco produces drill bits at its specialized plant where they are made out of high quality nickel chrome alloy steel, carburised and heat-treated to offer extra protection against wear and fatigue. Every hole in the bit head is machined to within microns and fitted with carbide inserts which provide the cutting action of the rock. Halco has three different bit heads on offer, Convex, Flat Face and Concave, also with three different inserts we guarantee we have a drill bit that can tackle any challenge and rock face formation.

Halco hammers


Skelair offer a wide range in Halco Hammers

Product Description

  • MACH range: This is a proven hammer that has been around for over 30 years and is designed for all kinds of drilling conditions but excels in overburden drilling due to the high frequency with less blow energy for drilling through unstable ground conditions.
  • Dominator range: The Dominator is a higher performance hammer than the Mach Range ideally suitable for medium to higher air pressures in blast-hole applications. This design is simple with fewer components, which makes servicing and on-site maintenance easy.
  • Super Dominator range: The Super Dominator is the latest hammer in the range, specially designed for working at extreme high working pressures up to 500 psi with high penetration rates ideal for blast-hole and waterwell applications. The Super Dominator Range has a simple design with no make-up required. This hammer has an external non-return-valve for easy inspection and service and is available with a 12 spline drive system to reduce shank breakage.
  • GW range: The new GW series of DTH hammers from Halco Rock Tools offer breakthrough performance in challenging Geothermal and Waterwell applications. The robust non ported piston design dramatically improves both the piston and internal component life when drilling under a column of water. A built in choke facility allows the driller to adjust the volume of air through the hammer to optimise cuttings evacuation. GW500 and GW600 hammers are fitted with a reversible cylinder to maximise operating life and are suitable for operation at air pressures up to 30 bar (435 psi).

Air Hoses

Compressed air, oil resistant, steel cord reinforced 40 BAR (600 PSI)

Ingersoll Rand compressor parts

Doosan Portabler Power has a full range of portable compressors from 125 to 1600 cfm at 100 to 500 psi. Doosan compressors have the most options available in the industry so you can customize your equipment to fit your needs.


Padley & Venables Drill Bits

A comprehensive range with ‘Button’, X and Cross with tungsten carbide tipped head configurations. Button Bit designs include; standard, heavy duty, drop centre, ballistic, paraboloid and retrac and combination options. Available with all popular international thread forms.


Padley and Venables – Shank Adapter

To fit all types of drilling machines both pneumatic and hydraulic. Shanks are available with most types of popular international thread forms.


Padley and Venables Drill Steels

Available in shank sizes; 108 x 19mm, 82.5 x 22mm, 108 x 22mm, 108 x 25mm, 159 x 25mm with head diameters 24-45mm and lengths 400-6400mm

Wassara logo


Wassara develop and manufacture unique water powered drilling systems for high performance in surface, as well as underground drilling operations. The heart of the Wassara drilling system is the world patented water-powered down-the-hole (DTH) hammer. The use of water for transmitting the power to the hammer brings numerous key benefits such as long straight, clean and stable holes, high drilling performance, safe and benign drilling and environmentally friendly drilling.

Wassara drilling systems have been in use over 20 years, in various applications in many industries including mining and mineral exploration, ground engineering, maritime and dams, geo energy and geothermal, and oil and gas storage.

Wassara drilling systems consists of water-powered DTH hammers, drill bits, drill tubes, swivels, check valves and pump units.