Skelair International Adds KR709-3G 2019 version to Hire Fleet

Skelair Enhances Klemm Rental Range with Latest Model

Leading ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International has further enhanced its extensive range of rental rigs to now include the 2019 version of the Klemm KR 709-3G.

The Klemm KR709-3G is a valuable addition to the rental fleet for Skelair International due to its adherence to exhaust and noise legislations worldwide as well as complying to the European drilling safety standard EN 16228.

The Klemm KR709-3G’s diesel Volvo engine meets the emission values for US Tier 4f (EU Stage 4), ensuring it complies to the relevant requirements for usage, allowing for peace of mind and flexibility for rental clients. The highly dynamic engine speed can be adjusted to increase efficiency. Together with the power-sharing technology for pump-control, the EEP (energy efficient power) is preselected and can be deactivated as required by the operator.

The 2019 version of the KR 709-3G is available for hire from Skelair International, supplied with a new Klemm KH62 rotary head for a robust and powerful performance, a drill mast with 130kN of pull and an additional 30 kN of boost. The motor-driven drill mast has increased resistance moments, to ensure higher torques can be transferred.

Steph Keane, Sales Director at Skelair International, commented: “We are always keen to enhance our rental fleet to ensure the UK market has the opportunity to access an expansive range of rigs to suit all requirements. We have recently added the Klemm 709-3G 2019 version as part of our strategy to provide our customers with the most advanced and efficient rigs.”

The fully radio remote controlled KR 709-3G has an electric inclinometer showing mast angles on the remote control screen which encourages increased flexibility of the rig from the perspective of the operator. Health and safety is a major factor when considering rental rigs, and the Klemm KR709-3G comes as standard with safety guard and electric magnetism lock to ensure the safety of the on-site team when the rig is in operation.

Skelair Enhances Rental Range with the Addition of Klemm KR801-3GS

The UK’s First KR801-3GS is Available to Hire from Ground Engineering Specialists

Leading supplier of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, Skelair International, has expanded its range of rental machines with the addition of Klemm KR801-3GS to its hire fleet. As part of a strategy to hold stock of a complete range of drilling solutions to satisfy an array of different projects, Skelair has recently taken delivery of the first KR801-3GS in the UK.

The Klemm KR801-3GS is a compact and universally applicable rig, suitable for a wide range of projects thanks to its fully operational radio remote control and Tier 4 final CAT 117kW engine. With more engine power and great pump output, the KR801-3GS is the latest rig to join the Skelair rental fleet and is the first rig of this type in the UK.

Steph Keane, Sales Director at Skelair, commented: “We are incredibly pleased to announce the recent addition of the KR801-3GS to our range of rental rigs. The new rig has enabled us to enhance our offering to customers, providing an all-round solution to drilling requirements with additional flexibility and fuel-saving opportunities.”

The Klemm KR 801-3GS has been specifically designed to support lighter and moderately difficult drill jobs. The reinforced boom assembly offers the greatest possible flexibility, at the same time as having a load-carrying capacity for the operation of moderately heavy drill heads.

The dual pump Load-Sensing hydraulics achieve an extremely efficient hydraulic supply which helps users to maximise the fuel-saving qualities of the Klemm. Its operation of the newest generation in drilling head units, with high pressure hydraulics and a system pressure of 350 bar maximum is a trendsetting feature.

“Various drill masts are also available for the KR801-3GS, as well as the respective applications. Available for hire, the Klemm KR801-3GS has a drill mast with 4300mm rotary stroke and 60kN feed/pull as well as an electric inclinometer for mast positioning. In addition, a Klemm KD1011 drifter with overburden flushing system, a hydraulic on-board rod rack and 38-254mm clamp and breaker completes the machine specification. The KR801-3GS is testament to Klemm’s ambition to produce efficient and dynamic rigs that are suitable for a range of applications and we are incredibly pleased that we are able to share this with our UK customer base,” concluded Steph.

Marini Leads the Way for Continued Growth

With the civil engineering industry seeing a constant stream of increasing activity, the demand for adaptable, flexible and versatile equipment that can streamline processes and simplify the build programme is higher than ever. Manufacturers are finding it extremely important to invest in development, not only to stay ahead of the game but to adapt to dynamic market requirements as it moves towards more technical-led processes. Leading Italian manufacturer, Marini Quarries Group (QG), has over 40 years of experience in the production of machinery and equipment for drilling and shares valuable insight into why continued growth and a customer focused attitude is the tone for success.

As a company who has been in the drilling market for over four decades, Marini QG has first-hand experience in what works for the market and what does not. Marini has a strong culture embedded into its manufacturing process which represents the company’s determination to provide customers with machinery and equipment that is simple to use, easy to adapt and suitable for diverse environments.

An in-depth understanding of requirements in the field is one factor that allows Marini QG to act as an ideal construction partner, not just in Italy but anywhere in the world. With an ambition to provide civil engineering applications that are compact, versatile, ergonomic and have the ability to adapt to the most diverse working requirements, Marini QG prides itself on being attentive to market and customer demands.

As the UK’s exclusive distributor of Marini rigs for rental and purchase, ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International has enjoyed a relationship with Marini based on high-quality products that suit a variety of different environments and adhere to industry regulations.

The Marini Range

As a result of experience, growth and attention to detail and market demands, the Marini Range of machines and equipment is decisively varied. One of the most popular fields of machines for Marini is the MR-C Line, including numerous models that are all widely customisable. The crawler drilling rigs are suitable for the most extensive operations for specialised engineering.

As an addition to Skelair’s extensive range, the Marini QG’s MR-50 range will be added to the rental fleet in September. Previously introduced to market in 2016, the MR-C50 is a small mobile drilling unit with an articulated mast for 3m length drill rods, optimised for civil engineering, core drilling, micro piles and consolidations and is remote controlled operated. With an engine of 80 kW, the powerful yet compact rig does not compromise on power. Perfectly adaptable in operation of hydraulic rock drilling or down-the-hole hammer, it is capable of performing any drilling job.

At GeoTechnica in July, Skelair will be showcasing the Marini MR-C20 rig on stand. The hydraulic radio controlled drilling rig is specifically designed for horizontal, vertical or inclined holes. The self-propelled unit, with rubber tracks can be equipped with rotary head or separate rotary-percussive drifter. With an engine power of 22 – 45 kW, and retraction force of 2500 daN, the MR-C20 is compact yet efficient and powerful.

Marini QG additionally has pneumatic/hydraulic drilling masts as part of its extensive range of drilling equipment. The MR-A Line provides multiple hydraulic drilling units applicable to micro, mini, midi and large excavators from 2 to up over 30 tonnes. The Line which consists of MRA80, MR-A100, MR-A120, MR-A200, MR-A300, MR-A500, all with push/pull force from 1 ton to 6 ton, is controlled by proportional remote radio control functions, including the rotation and percussion of the head/drifter.

Following constant investment from the company in technological research joined to careful inspections and trials in the field, Marini QG has successfully developed a complete range of light drilling units and slides. The MR-Line has been designed specifically for acrobatic drilling works of slopes consolidation, anchors, nailing and barring and the MR-S Line of light drilling slides are available for application on various structures such as scaffolding or self-moving equipment.

Marini QG has the experience on-site to develop and create machines and equipment that can help to streamline site processes and ensure the safety and wellbeing of members of the crew. With an attitude to be attentive to the needs of the customer and the requirements of the job in hand, Marini QG has a diverse range of rigs that all have some specific features in common – the ability to be agile, compact and versatile to ensure drilling needs are met even in the most dynamic of environments.

Skelair International Appoints New Sales Engineer

Skelair Expands Team of Sales Engineers to Enhance Brand Expertise

Ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International, has invested in its sales team with the recent appointment of Stephen Greatbank. As part of a strategy to establish brand ambassadors, Stephen will be taking the lead on rentals and purchases of the TEI and Marini ranges, including the promotion of mast attachments.

Having left the Army in 2010, Stephen gained experience working within the electrical engineering industry. From his expertise, Stephen moved to work within the trench technology sector, for a large German company. Working in the field, Stephen gained valuable experience within the drilling and engineering sector and brings a wealth of hands-on insight into his new role.

Stephen will be responsible for the TEI and Marini ranges within the Skelair sales team. Two of the most popular rentals in Skelair’s leading fleet of drilling equipment, Skelair has adapted its sales team to enable specialist members to focus on individual brands. Focusing the attentions of the sales team to individual aspects of the business is a valuable asset in maintaining Skelair’s ethos of delivering the very best solutions and services to its customers.

Stephen Greatbank, Sales Engineer, commented on his appointment: “I am incredibly pleased to be joining the team at Skelair. Having previously worked within similar industries, I felt that it was time to join a new team and take on a new challenge. At Skelair, I can already see opportunities for career progression, and I am looking forward to this new role.”

John Mayo, Managing Director, concluded: “We are pleased to expand our sales team at Skelair and appoint Stephen as our new Sales Engineer. Stephen possesses a great deal of knowledge for our industry as well as a passion and determination to succeed within this profession. We are consistently working to find new ways to provide the best possible customer service for our clients and believe that by bringing Stephen on board to focus on Marini and TEI ranges will help to streamline and focus our sales team to individual aspects of the business.”

New Klemm KR709-3G extended mast version launched at Bauma 2019

The biggest bauma of all time — with over 620,000 visitors from over 200 countries.  We would like to say thank you to everyone who visited us on the Klemm stand.

Along with the KR704-2E, KR806-3GS, KR805-3G and the HBR rod handling system, Klemm launched the new Klemm KR709-3G extended mast version at this years Bauma.

This extended mast version has many additional features to complement the already successful standard KR709-3G.  The rotary stroke on the mast has been increased to 10.5m length complete with an auger cleaner (options available) and fitted with an energy chain for hydraulic hose management. In addition the new powerful Klemm KH62 rotary head is fitted complete with an improved  4″ swan neck and continued with 4″ concrete pipework down the mast and along the side of the machine.  With all the additional equipment and also mounted on a larger undercarriage with 600mm width tracks, the rig remains under 20 tonne weight.

The rig is the perfect choice for both CFA & SFA job sites that demand faster installation within a restricted access working area.

Skelair Boosts its Klemm Range with a PP117 Power Pack

Skelair, leading supplier of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, has added a Klemm PP117-G Power Pack to its range to support the Klemm KR702 range of rigs, already available for hire from Skelair.


The PP17-G features a new engine and hydraulic system controls with many new features such as an oil flow and pressure check, and a safety mode selection, all managed via the 5.75” multichrome communication display.


The CAT 117 kW engine has 2kW more installed power than its predecessor, and complies to the latest exhaust gas regulation, which is mandatory when working in Central London, where these rigs are most popular.


Berry Piling, specialist piling and foundations contractors, have been the first UK company to try out the new Power Pack on its fleet of Klemm KR702 and KR701 rigs. Chris Berry, Group Managing Director, Berry Piling, said: “The Power Pack was built because we specifically needed it to be added to the fleet. Many of our projects are in Central London where emission control is hyper important, and we’re gearing up for further changes expected in the next 12 – 18 months.


“Aside from emissions, we were keen to upgrade the power and serviceability of our Klemm range, and decided to refurbish our KR702-01, and bring it more into the 21st Century, the Power Pack has enabled us to do this. This means that we’ve spec’d an older model rig to the KR702-02 specification, providing us with a more versatile rig and meaning we now have three rigs of a similar capability. For our customers we now have additional capacity, our drive in Central London has increased so we will be able to service the projects we have.”


The Berry Piling team have used the Power Pack for a small project in Woking, “this gave us an opportunity to break the machine in before it’s scheduled for its first major job in London over the next couple of months,” concluded Chris.


John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair, added: “At Skelair we strive to meet the needs of our customers. We have a long-term relationship with Berry Piling who are renowned advocates of the Klemm range. It’s fantastic that Klemm has been able to produce a product that meets the needs of the market, and means that customers can get the most out of their existing rigs for longer.”

Skelair’s Rental Fleet Continues to Grow

-New model Silea rig is added to Skelair’s rental fleet-

Skelair International, specialists in ground engineering and rock drilling solutions, has invested in a new Silea II rig to join its rental fleet for geotechnical and environmental applications.

The Silea II is a multi-purpose hydraulic drilling rig specifically for geotechnical projects, its small size means the Silea II is ideal for working in difficult access areas, with the benefit of an overall stroke of 2.40 metres. “We are increasingly finding that clients request equipment that can be used in the smallest of spaces, which is why it made sense to increase our fleet with the Silea II,” said John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair.

Mounted on a variable width rubber track crawler, the Silea II has a variable width from 790mm to 1200mm. The rotary head has a maximum speed of up to 500rpm and a torque that reaches 300daNm. In addition, the 49HP Diesel engine of the Silea II uses biodegradable hydraulic oil, meaning the rig is perfect for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

Willy Piacenza, CEO, Emci, said: “We are pleased to be working with Skelair again and to provide them with the latest model from our Silea range of rigs. Skelair is an excellent long-term partners of ours and it’s hugely valuable to work with a company with such a broad client reach for our machines.”

John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair, concluded: “We aim to provide our customers with a diverse range of rigs that will meet the needs of many projects and situations. As the latest addition to our fleet, the Silea II highlights our commitment to continually offer an extensive rental portfolio.”


Skelair Adds a FlexiROC D55 to its Contract Drilling and Blasting Division

Skelair International has recently invested in a second Atlas Copco D55, down-the-hole rig for its Contract Drilling & Blasting Division. The FlexiROC D55 is a hugely flexible machine and because of its overall drilling capacity is perfect for quarry blast hole drilling and other mining operations.

In addition, the low centre of gravity and high ground clearance of the D55 means that the rig can be used on most ground surfaces. “Having another D55 in the fleet means we can carry out more preventive rather than reactive maintenance,” said Steve Lashley, Drilling & Blasting Operations Manager, Skelair.

The machine has already been put to work and so far has been used on three forestry quarry sites, the first for Natural Resource Wales in mid-Wales drilling sandstone and slate for blasting, followed by drilling in Tarmac’s Leapers Wood Quarry Limestone and then at Cemex Doveholes Quarry. “So far we have been really impressed with the new D55, the key benefits are greater production, i.e. covering more metres per day, plus greater fuel economy,” concluded Steve.

In order to get the best out of the machine, Neil McCallum at Skelair undertook simulator training at Atlas Copco. The Atlas Copco training simulator teaches operators to perform to 100 per cent of their ability, allowing them to fully utilise the benefits of the machines. All the systems are simulated to correspond with the real life tasks in the rig.

Neil was the first person to go on the course and found the training highly beneficial, he said, “In my opinion simulator training such as this should be compulsory, I can’t recommend it enough. The simulator was exactly like being on the machine itself, providing me with challenges and obstacles I might need to overcome, in my mind there is no better training available. Immediately this simulator course will have saved time and I learnt a lot in a shorter timeframe than with traditional training methods.”

John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair, said “This latest investment demonstrates our commitment to having the best equipment possible available to continually meet the needs of our customers. Supported by the simulator training which we have seen our operators undertake, our drilling and blasting division can offer an efficient service with top-of-the range equipment to our clients.”

New Klemm Rig Gives Celtic Rock Services a New Lease on Life

Skelair International has recently supplied Celtic Rock Services Ltd, specialists in rock drilling, cliff stabilisation and rock anchors, with a new Klemm KR500 drill and separate PP47D Power Pack. Celtic Rock Services has been using Klemm rigs for around 35 years and this newest arrival is an upgrade from the previous model.

Purchased from Skelair International, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, Celtic Rock Services intend to use the Klemm KR500 for many varied jobs, but mostly mini-piling and drilling rock anchors. Alwyn Thomas, Managing Director, Celtic Rock Services Ltd, explained, “We have found that due to the size and specific qualities of the drill we can do jobs that some other companies are unable to get to.”

Equipped with a drill mast of 1800mm long, the Klemm KR500 is designed for drilling the most difficult conditions and is able to access buildings without touching the protected structure. The extremely compact construction of the KH4 rotary drive enables drill rods of 500mm and the manually actuated mast swing of 45 degrees to either side enable drilling operations to be carried out within minimum space requirements. The optional PP47D Power Pack has a system pressure of up to 250 bar and its output levels reach 48.1kw.

Alwyn continued, “We have been working with Skelair for 35 years and have found them to be consistently professional and a pleasure to deal with. Our dealings have always been conducted knowing that we will be dealt with promptly and with a brilliant customer-focused attitude, offering exceptional customer support.”

John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair, concluded, “We feel privileged to have had the continued support of Celtic Rock Services over the past 35 years. As a company we are committed to providing the best service and most suitable products for our customers, our relationship with Alwyn and his team is testament to that.”

For further information on Skelair or the wide range of drill purchases and rentals it can offer, please call John Mayo or Chris Neighbour on 01477 539100, email You can also visit the Skelair website at .

Another Two of a Kind for Skelair

Ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International, has further invested in its rental fleet with the arrival of two new Klemm KR702-2 rigs, both complete with the more powerful PP115F wheeled power pack.

The two rigs were purchased to meet the growing needs of piling contractors who in general find this model to be high quality and reliable. The compact dimensions of the Klemm KR702-2 make it ideal for applications where high-powered mini-piling rigs are needed in tight spaces, such as the basement works that are currently popular in the South East.

Weighing 4.5 tonnes, the Klemm KR702-2 is the successor to the Klemm KR701-1 and features KH22 rotary heads with central flushing, a 508mm clamp assembly fitted, an extendable mast and a two-metre stroke. The telescopic tracks extend up to 1250mm, in conjunction with two standard outriggers, leading to excellent stability in the majority of drilling situations.

John Mayo, Skelair Managing Director, said: “The addition of the two new rigs continues to strengthen our position in the rental market and further demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. The Klemm range offers a flexible choice to accommodate the full range of drilling requirements and access restrictions, meaning the machines are a clear choice for many contractors looking to boost efficiencies. The fact that these two new machines have already been secured on long-term contracts speaks volumes.”