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Klemm KR709-3G Un-Restricts Access for Murphy Ground Engineering

Skelair Supports Delivery of Iver Station Project

Global, multi-disciplined engineering and construction company, J. Murphy & Sons, has recently completed an element of works on the LOCROS West Project for Transport for London. Due to the restrictive nature of the site, Murphy’s Ground Engineering purchased the Klemm KR709-3G from Skelair International.

As part of the scheme, Murphy’s Ground Engineering was contracted to provide step-free access at Iver Station, install lifts, complete power upgrades, over bridges and a new ticket office. The programme of work saw the installation of 26 piles at a depth of 13.5m and a diameter of 450mm, in an area of restricted access which represent potential health and safety risks to both man and machine on site. Known for its ability to adapt to restricted access sites and to be controlled remotely, the Klemm KR709-3G was the perfect solution for overcoming these challenges.

The works were being conducted in what was still a ‘live’ station, so protection of the public, workers and railway assets was of paramount importance. The Klemm KR709-3G’s remote-controlled movements allowed for minute adjustments of the components, enabling to position the rig in the best possible location.

Construction Manager, John Scannell, Murphy’s Ground Engineering, commented: “The Klemm KR709-3G was immediately attractive to us as this project was being completed in a restrictive and live environment. The ability to control the rig remotely was a great asset to us on site to both crew and rig operators in terms of health and safety compliance.”

As standard, the Klemm KR709-3G has a 10m mast, with the ability to purchase alternative masts to assist with versatility. Murphy’s Ground Engineering, understanding the nature of the site, also purchased a ‘low headroom’ mast from Skelair International to enable the rig to work in the tightest of restricted environments.

Speaking on behalf of Skelair International, Steph Keane, Sales Director, explained: “The restrictions of the site and the associated health and safety risks made it clear to us that the Klemm KR 709-3G would be the most versatile of rigs to work within this environment. Manufactured to the highest standard, enhancing European EN16228 legislation conformity and delivering a TIER 4 final 160kW engine, the Klemm KR709-3G was the ideal solution for operating on London projects and will be an asset to Murphy Ground Engineering for many years to come.”

To learn more about Murphy’s Ground Engineering, please visit www.murphygroup.co.uk or email info@murphygroup.co.uk.

For further information regarding Skelair International’s range of drill purchases and rentals please email steph@skelair.com.

Skelair Expands Marini Accessories Range

New Dust Collection Options Enhance Product Offering

Leading ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International, has launched a series of dust collection accessories to the UK market, adding to its Marini Quarries Group product range. Marini Quarries Group is a worldwide leader in the production of machinery and equipment for drilling and has launched three systems to the UK, Hydro Jet DTH, Tornado DTH and Hydraulic Dust Collector Muffler, all of which have the same ambition of improving safety and efficiency onsite.
The Hydro Jet DTH, is a dust eliminator for DTH hammer 3”, which collects the dust naturally created onsite, mixes it with water and expels the mud obtained through a rubber hose – far away from the drilling point. Constructed of an aluminium truncated cone muffle, a pneumatic ejector and an exhaust pipe of 0.5 metres long and a diameter of 45mm, it is powered by compressed air and water at low pressure.
The Hydro Jet DTH is extremely useful onsite as it helps working conditions and safety in the quarry environment. It also protects the health of the workers by discarding the dust in a safe way, away from any workers at the drilling point.
Another pneumatic dust collection solution that has been introduced to Skelair’s Marini Accessories range, is the Tornado DTH. Acting as a dust abatement system, which is complete with an abrasion resistant hose with a diameter of 50mm, the Tornado DTH collects the dust and transfers it into a bag underneath the machine.
The pleated filtering device is a micro cellulose filter, impregnated with phenolic resin which adds to the cartridge’s robustness. The high permeability degree ensures superior filtering efficiency and easy cleaning through compressed air backwashing. The collection bag for the dust and the easy cleaning solution benefits the site by creating the availability of easy removal of the dust and also an efficient cleaning method of the filter.
Speaking on behalf of Skelair, Steph Keane, Sales Director, commented: “These accessories will be a great benefit to the UK teams onsite. Not only do they provide innovative and effective solutions to the difficulties of removing the dust but will also greatly improve the health of the workers.”
The final accessory to be launched to the UK market by Skelair and Marini Quarries Group is the Hydraulic Dust Collector. The Hydraulic Dust Collector requires an oil flow of 25/30lpm at 100 bar and has an automatic filter cleaning and suction capacity of 8m3 /min. The same system was installed on the Marini BABY GIRAFFA P, which was renowned for its high levels of productivity but low energy use.

Mario Bozzola, Marini Sales Area Manager, at Marini Quarries Group, said: “Understanding that the health and safety of workers is of paramount importance onsite, we developed accessories that not only help the workers, but also protect them. The dust collection systems can be used on all machines, provided the necessary customisations are made, and all have the ambition of improving productivity but also comply with the local health and safety regulations that are in place.”

To find out more about the Marini range of dust collection accessories, or the full Skelair rig portfolio, please visit the website www.skelair.com.

Skelair Announces Contract Drilling & Blasting Division Changes

Ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International, has announced personnel changes to its Contract Drilling & Blasting division that will see Joe Farnfield promoted to Drilling & Blasting Operations Manager.
Replacing Steve Lashley who has been a valued member of the team since 2012, Joe Farnfield will take over the reins from January 2019, when Steve relocates to the UAE to undertake his next industry challenge with Stevin Rock.
Commenting on his forthcoming move, Steve said: “I’ve really enjoyed the time with Skelair and have made many new friends all over the country. I will certainly miss the variety of environments, and the mixture of people I have worked with. With the exceptional team they have, I am sure Skelair’s Contract Drilling & Blasting division will continue to move from strength to strength. I’m proud to be handing over to Joe, who will do a great job at leading the team.”
Between now and the end of the year, Steve and Joe will be conducting joint site visits to allow Steve to say goodbye and give Joe the opportunity to meet all of the customers personally.
Joe joined Skelair in 2017 as Shot firer/Explosives Supervisor. Excited to be making a step up in the division, he said: “I’ve learned so much from Steve over the years and feel it is a privilege to be taking over from him. It’s an exciting time for me from a career perspective and I look forward to building on Steve’s success.”
From January Joe will be leading the existing Contract Drilling & Blasting team which consists of experienced drillers, shot firers and explosive supervisors.
Reflecting on the forthcoming changes, John Mayo, Managing Director, Skelair, concludes: “Steve has been a huge asset to the team. Since joining us as Operations Supervisor in 2012 to becoming Drilling & Blasting Operations Manager in 2014, he has made a real contribution to our success, and while we are obviously sorry to see him go, recognise it is a great opportunity for him and we have a fantastic replacement in Joe, who is ready to take over the reins.”
Through its Contract Drilling & Blasting division, Skelair delivers an integrated service approach which combines the right equipment with high-level consultative advice and a customer-centric focus. In doing so, it ensures the efficient, effective and safe completion of all rock extraction projects.
With a fully-accredited surveying team, Skelair works with reputable explosives partners and offers a free UK-wide site visit to assess specific project requirements.

Now available for hire

Now available for hire : TEI HEM drill mast attachment, 3 metre stroke Rotary percussive drilling use

For full details contact
& steph@skelair.com

Promotion for Catherine!

Catherine Kempton started working for Skelair aged 17 as Trainee Office Administrator. She has just been promoted to Financial Controller! Skelair are always keen to promote and develop staff within and this is a true reflection of Catherine’s commitment, drive and dedication to her work.

Congratulations Catherine and well done!

EMCI 4.50 rig joins Skelair fleet

Skelair has added a brand new EMCI 4.50 drill rig to its rental fleet making the company’s customers the very first users to road test the machine.
The small and versatile rig has a fixed crawler width of 1,300mm and is mounted on a rubber track that is 230mm wide. There is a remote control for tramming, and the steel frame supports four hydraulic stabilisers. “We’ve bought this drill for our customers’ specialist geotechnical projects, specifically for rotary, rotary-percussive, coring and soil sampling requirements,” said John Mayo, managing director at Skelair.

Designed for projects with restricted headroom, the mast has an overall height of 3,700mm and a stroke of 2,400mm. The rotary head has a twin hydraulic motor, with a maximum torque of 300daNm and a maximum speed of 480rpm. The 49HP Yanmar diesel engine is more than enough power for the rig’s 2,780kg (2.78tonne) weight.

Mayo continued: “Demand for our rental rigs continues to increase, so we not only try to ensure we have a wide range available for our customers, but that we are providing them with the latest models that we can. The new EMCI 4.50 will sit alongside the previous model so clients will have a choice.”

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Skelair Launches New Casing Handler

Skelair adds new TEI Rock Drill Product to its Portfolio


Leading supplier of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, Skelair International, has expanded its TEI product range with the launch of the TEI HCC20X Casing and Tooling Handler – a lightweight excavation attachment that has the capability to lift a tonne.


The TEI HCC20X casing handler is designed to help contractors work quickly, safely, and efficiently on site. Specifically designed to reduce health and safety hazards, the HCC20X has unique claws that help the operator clamp onto a variety of pipe sizes without requiring the help of another worker. The operator is also able to work in both horizontal or vertical planes, with the use of two 360° positioners.


Steph Keane, Sales Director at Skelair, said: “The HCC20X is a fantastic addition to our TEI Rock Drills portfolio. The ability of the handler to clamp onto different size pipes without requiring racks is extremely beneficial to onsite efficiency and removes the safety hazard of having another worker in the zone. This will help improve the efficiency of the team on location, whilst also providing a smooth operation system.”


Glenn Patterson, from TEI, commented: “There is need for innovation on site and we have developed this handler to ensure that workers have the best products available to them to make the job as safe and effective as possible. The HCC20X does not modify the excavator in anyway and uses auxiliary hydraulics, this with the single joystick controller increases versatility and allows it to perform efficiently in different scenarios.”



**AVAILABLE NOW** Used Obermann VS 63-20-D Grouting Unit
*Max. output 3.4 m3/h per mixer
*Grouting Pump max. pressure 100 bar, max. flow 65 l/min
For further information, please email steph@skelair.com

Skelair Launches New Limited Access Drill

Ground engineering and rock drilling specialist, Skelair International, in conjunction with TEI Rock Drills, has announced the launch of the TD100 Electric/Hydraulic Limited Access Drill. The new drill is ideal for ground engineering and foundation repair in confined spaces.

The TD100 has been designed specifically as an electric/hydraulic drill for the safe install of micropiles and large hollow bar micropiles. The drill is powered by a 75kW electric motor, offering 15,000 lbf-ft torque. Any drifter or rotary head manufactured by TEI Rock Drills can be operated by the new TD100 drill.

Managing Director of Skelair, John Mayo, says: “It’s fantastic to see continued innovation with machine development by TEI to help drive down carbon emissions in an effort to meet ever stringent targets in the UK market.”

The new TD100 Electric/Hydraulic Limited Access Drill has rubber tracks which can contract to 48-Inches to tram into difficult drilling positions and facilitates 120 degrees side to side mast rotation. Four stabiliser jacks are also a standard part of the new drill.

“In densely populated areas such as London it’s convenient to be able to use a smaller drill on projects where there is restricted space or tight access. The TD100 offers a solution to this challenge without compromising on power,” added John.

Standard features for the TD100 include radio remote controls, optional TE1000 Hydraulic Drifter and hydraulic foam/water pump.

Glenn Patterson, from TEI said: “There is a growing need for a diversification of drills across markets and TEI has recognised this in the development of our range. The TD100 offers a robust lower emissions solution for drilling which we expect to be popular in the UK.”